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Here's the truth...

About Kyyah Abdul

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in 1 word: Strong-willed.

in 5 words: She lives to inspire others.

in less than 150 words: Kyyah is a proud Nigerian-American businesswoman living in Los Angeles. She has her Bachelor of Science in Pre-Med Biology and her Masters in Public Health concentrated in Urban Healthcare Disparities. Kyyah is an entrepreneur, speaker, author, content creator, healthcare advocate for marginalized communities, STEM professional, and above all else, a creative. She will stop at nothing to achieve her ever-evolving goals. She prides herself on being authentic and feels that honesty can transform the lives of those around her. Kyyah has seen her fair share of tragedies, losing immediate family members at a young age, and somehow views those tragedies as "unfortunate gifts". Gifts that have given her strength, fearlessness, and the ability to pursue all things she puts her mind to. Of all the things Kyyah does, her favorite thing to do is travel and experience other parts of the world. She believes traveling grants her priceless wisdom.


Kyyah founded  Career Savage in 2017 with a mission to help college students and early career professionals feel more prepared for the real world. Career Savage prides itself on offering everyday people relevant and current career advice. The brand empowers individuals to take control of their career goals and create opportunities in order to achieve them.  

Kyyah recently developed her own personal brand, Kyyah Abdul after announcing her new book, The Prepared Graduate in 2021!

Kyyah's Advice to Others

"The one thing I wish I was told more in high school and college was that it's okay to change your mind. I always thought I had to marry the career ideas I dreamt up at 16 years old. In reality, I could have changed my mind at any point, and eventually, I did. I didn't go to medical school but it took me years to accept that fate because I thought not going meant failure. It's safe to say I haven't failed by skipping medical school and you won't fail if you decide to accept the fate of a different career path than originally desired. We are all entitled to change our minds! That's the greatest part of a career journey if you ask me. The climb is never what we imagine but the outcome is always rewarding". 

- Kyyah Abdul

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