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This book offers professional advice about career preparation and maybe the best college graduation gift you’ll ever receive.

Too many people end up working jobs they didn’t study for. It’s time you proactively prepare for post-graduate life. The Prepared Graduate speaks to Generation Z and Millennials, addressing many of the concerns students (and parents) have about pre-and post-graduation.


Kyyah Abdul offers extensive job search tips and work advice, such as guidance on writing the perfect resume, excelling in job interviews, networking in-person and online, negotiating job salaries, paying off student loans, and more.

Rely on trusted guidance! Armed with first-hand experience with the lack of preparation universities provide their students, Kyyah set out to forge her own path for finding relevant work post-graduation. Her strategies helped her land jobs in several STEM positions both during and after college.


Over time, Kyyah created a comprehensive roadmap chockfull of work advice for college seniors through summer up until the end of their first year as a graduate.


“At a time when integrating career services into academic affairs is more critical than ever for meeting American higher education’s historic mission of educating for democracy, this book offers compelling practical advice for connecting curriculum to career through high impact practices.” 

- Lynn Pasquerella, President of the Association of American Colleges & Universities 

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"The information and steps in this book are shared through relatable and authentic stories ensuring less career angst among college students.”

- Brian Schulman, CEO of Voice Your Vibe 

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